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God used the most unlikely man to spread the news about His Son throughout the world. Paul hated Christians until he became the most passionate one. Throughout the journey God took him on Paul changed the course of the Church as we know it today.

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Waiting for a Sign

Life is full of questions. Figuring out what to do is often hard enough, but then trying to please God in the midst of that can seem impossible. As we approach this series we are going to try to discover God’s will, and it might not be as hard as we think.

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How can we know that our faith is real? How can we know that Jesus, the object of our faith, is real? In this series, we'll walk through the New Testament book of 1 John which seeks to verify the authenticity of our faith and encourages us to live as followers of Jesus should.

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At The Movies

There is nothing like relaxing and watching a movie; we’ve all done it. Although movies can be full of truths, they don’t always align with God’s Word. In this series, we’ll look at stories from our culture and compare them to what the Bible says.

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Uncommon sense

Have you ever wanted to know something but didn’t know where to look? Maybe you needed a question answered, a recipe, or a formula. In life wisdom is vital, but where does true wisdom come from?

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Those People: Season 2

We all deal with “those people” everyday, and yet we often don’t realize that we can be that person for someone else. When we notice a characteristic in someone we don’t like, we should ask the question, is that in me? This series will help us deal with those people and prevent us from becoming them. 

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Still Rolling Stones

Most people know the Easter story, but many haven’t felt and experienced the impact it can have on their everyday life. On Easter we celebrate Jesus conquering the grave and defeating death. And the truth is, this was one of many stones throughout history that Jesus rolled back. 

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Gaining Ground

God has blessed Northridge Church over the course of 130 years. We never take for granted what He has done, but we are believing as He leads us into this new journey that He has more in store for us as we seek to gain new ground.

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Relentless Mercy

Mercy is a powerful gift from God. Although God gives it relentlessly, we often abuse that mercy. Jonah is a living example of that. He lost sight of the mercy God gave him and failed to give it to others. What we learn is that often what God does in us is just as significant as what he does through us. 

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Division can be a tricky thing. We have a tendency to focus on the implications of our division and not the root of that division. If we want to understand why we are divided, it starts by understanding where division truly comes from. 

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A Skeptic's Guide to Church

When it comes to the church we all have questions or concerns. We may wonder “Why do they do that?” or “Could they do it this way?” And that’s OK! We want to answer your questions and that’s what this series is all about

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Our King Has Come

When a king is born, the world knows it. But when Jesus arrived on earth His birth was quiet, humble, and overlooked. Although Jesus was the King of Kings, His job wasn’t to rule but to die. He was different than any other king, and on Christmas, we celebrate that our King has come.

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In a culture that is all about getting, we want to be a church that is all about giving. But it should go beyond just giving money to showing love to the people around us and throughout the world. This week we’ll look beyond the walls of our church to serve and give to our community and world. 

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called to work

Work can be the worst - constant deadlines, a relentless boss, annoying co-workers, day after day, week after week.  But what if God has a greater purpose in our daily grind? What if our work was our loudest worship? What if our work was all about serving others? What if our work was an answer to our highest calling? God has called each of us to work - it is here that we find our true purpose in His great story.

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In churches all across America you’ll frequently hear the term “the gospel”. It's the driving force behind the Church and all that it believes. But do we fully grasp what the gospel is and how it impacts our lives? It’s possible one of the greatest pictures of the gospel is found in adoption. God chose us and adopted us into His family so we’re looking to this illustration to discover what the gospel really is. 

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Portraits of a King

David is one of the greatest heroes of the Bible. He was given the title “a man after God’s own heart.” But that doesn’t mean he didn’t face trials, deal with struggles, and make poor choices. All through his journey we find portraits of people who chose him, encouraged him, tried to kill him, and ultimately pushed him to God’s purpose for his life.

small church

It can be easy to feel lost in the crowd at a growing church, or to feel like no one even notices you. As our church grows larger, the more intentional we have to be at making it feel smaller. We are resetting expectations for Community Groups and helping people explore and join authentic biblical community.

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In Other Words

Christians have their own language - if you've ever picked up your Bible or read a Christian book, chances are you've heard a word that (definitely) isn't used in any other context but Church. However, these "Christianese" terms are can't just be ignored because they have big implications for our lives. In this series, we'll be defining commonly used and confusing "Bible" words, and trying to make them more understandable - to put them into... well.. other words.

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Songs of Summer

Music can communicate with our hearts and move us to action in ways that written word cannot. Through music, humans have expressed their pain and joy for thousands of years. In the middle of our Bibles, we can find a huge collection of song lyrics known as the Psalms. In this series we'll explore some of the most heartfelt expressions of the human experience from God's very own mixtape.


In life, conflict is often unavoidable. It doesn’t matter how fast or hard we run from it; conflict is waiting for us. But conflict can be a beneficial thing if we respond to it well. In this series we will learn how we can handle conflict God’s way. 

Sacred Rhythms

Life is full of rhythms; things we all do on a regular basis. But what routines or rhythms should we prioritize and never go without? In this series we are going to talk about the sacred rhythms in our lives that will define our relationship with God.

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silent killers

In today’s culture we often feel like we need to keep quiet when we are struggling or hurting. We think that letting people know we’re dealing with certain issues could ruin us or cause them to judge us. But the truth is, the longer we stay silent, the more damage it does. In order to fully heal we must break the silence.

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Generosity is seen in a thousand tiny moments. Moments where someone else's needs are put in front of yours, and you extend your time, money or abilities to meet a need. It's more than just giving away money. It's a lifestyle. A heart-deep thing. And when we give, we give from deep inside. We give out of the overflow. 

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There are very few moments in life that remind us who we truly are and that we can remember when life gets really hard. When it comes to following Jesus, publicly declaring Christ as our Savior through baptism is one of those moments that we will never forget.

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Nehemiah was an ancient Israelite leader who was used to change the course of Israel’s history. As we study the life and leadership of Nehemiah we will see that he, much like us, faced challenges and obstacles while trying to accomplish what he was called to. But God uses the events of our world and our life to shape us; just like He did for Nehemiah.

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Come On In

The greatest organizations know the answers to the simplest, yet most important, questions. Why, what, and how? In the next three weeks we will be giving you a backstage pass to see why we do certain things, what we do specifically, and how we do it. So, “Come on in” and get to know Northridge Church.

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Cold & Dark

Christmas is Great! So is New Years! Unless it's not. A lot of people spend the holidays surrounded by people, but feeling totally alone. While our culture is "Merry and Bright", it's easy to slip into a cycle of loneliness and isolation that leaves you feeling "Cold and Dark." But what if there was a solution to loneliness? In this talk we'll explore what the Bible has to say about this reality, and what Northridge has to offer those feeling alone this time of year. 

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Making Room

Christmas is a special time of year. You can see lights, decorations, and beautiful trees in people's living rooms. It’s spectacular! But Christmas is what we allow it to be; much like it was for the overlooked characters in the Christmas story. The question is: What are you allowing to define your Christmas?


What if God wrote you a letter about your relationship with Him? What do you think He would say to you? In Revelation 2-3 Jesus wrote seven specific letters to seven different churches to speak directly into their walk with Him. We’ll dive into those letters together in this series.


Love might be one of the most overused, yet least understood, words in the English dictionary. We often think of love as a feeling, but love is a decision followed by action. One question you might have is this: Since the world we live in is so large, how can we really show our love? How do we get beyond our walls and neighborhoods and truly love like Christ commands us?

It's Not You, It's Me.

All relationships are difficult and it gets even more challenging when it comes to intimate relationships. The problem is that we have believed our culture’s lies about relationships. In this series we aim to set the record straight and break some cultural myths about relationships. 


In our culture today there are so many different views and opinions on who God is. It was the same for the church in Colossae, so Paul wrote them a letter. He wanted to help them to fully understand who God is and why He is worth following.

Those People

What do you do when you have to deal with "Those People"? We all have difficult people in our lives; Critical people, needy people, hypocritical people and manipulative people. This series will help us learn how live with, and show love to, "Those People".

Faith Works

Our culture is making it harder to live out your faith than ever before. So, as Christians, how do we put our faith into action? The book of James speaks directly to Christians on how we can see our faith work in all circumstances.

The Feelings of a Fixer

As a mom, teaching and training your kids can be a heavy responsibility. Most moms deal with feelings of falling short and not measuring up. So how does she handle the exhaustion, constant worrying, and feeling guilty that she’s not doing enough?