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waiting for a sign Podcast

We are in the middle of our series Waiting For A Sign and with this series we have a special podcast where we dive deeper into the content from Sunday’s message. You can find this podcast on the Northridge Church app, the Northridge Equip website, or on Apple Podcasts.

This Week's Message

A Sign Within You

One of the greatest gifts we have as Christ followers is the Spirit of God. He will never leave us nor forsake us because He lives inside of us. The Spirit of God, who led Jesus, can lead us. We must learn when facing both simple and hard decisions in life to be sensitive to His leading.

September 22, 2019

Locations and Times


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9:00a and 10:30a
Regal Theater
176 Greece Ridge Center Dr
Rochester, NY 14626


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9:00a and 10:30a
2052 Saint Paul Street
Rochester, NY 14621


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9:00a and 10:30a
Willink Middle School
 900 Publishers Pkwy Webster, NY 14580


Henrietta Website Photo.jpg

Regal Theater
525 Marketplace Dr
Rochester, NY 14623

* American Sign Language interpreting offered at our Henrietta Campus

Community Groups

Life is better connected


What are Community Groups?

Community Groups are the way we connect with others throughout the week in a smaller setting. Groups consist of about 6 - 14 people that meet together regularly to apply the Bible, build relationships, and care for each other. 

Community Groups meet from September - May each year.

Use our group finder tool below to find a group in your area

Click "Filters" to sort by campus, day of the week, stage of life, and childcare availability.