We all deal with “those people” everyday, and yet we often don’t realize that we can be that person for someone else. When we notice a characteristic in someone we don’t like, we should ask the question, is that in me? This series will help us deal with those people and prevent us from becoming them. 

Those Proud People: Me, Myself and I

Drew Karschner
April 28, 2019

Unfortunately, pride is a major downfall that most people deal with. It blinds us to who we truly are. So if prideful people are around us everyday, how do we deal with proud people without becoming them?

Those Greedy People - Possession Obsession

Nate Miller
May 5, 2019

We've all experienced Those Greedy People because we are all born with a preoccupation for possession. BUT what if the measure of a life well lived isn't in the stuff we've accumulated, but in something else?

Those Overly Positive People: rainbow puking unicorns

Drew Karschner
May 12, 2019

Have you ever had to deal with someone who never has a bad day? They always look at things through a positive lens, but they don’t embrace reality. Often people like this can be hard to navigate, but there is a solution to those relationships. 

Those Fearful People: Goosebumps

Drew Karschner
May 19, 2019

We are all afraid of something and know someone who is fearful. Fear carries many powers that can often take us to places we never wanted to go. How do we help people dealing with fear and uncover the antidote to our own fear?