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God used the most unlikely man to spread the news about His Son throughout the world. Paul hated Christians until he became the most passionate one. Throughout the journey God took him on Paul changed the course of the Church as we know it today.

A Life Interrupted

Drew Karschner
October 6, 2019

Think of the most unlikely person God would use to spread His gospel. Saul was that man. But while he was on a journey to kill and imprison Christians, God changed Saul into Paul. Not only did He change his name, He also changed the whole direction of his life.


Aaron Hixson
October 13, 2019

There are pivotal moments in life when everything changes - times that we look back on and realize it was the beginning of something that would alter the course of our life. For Paul, this is that moment. And in this talk, we'll explore what questions he had to answer in order to step into the rest of his life, and we'll discover how they might be the same questions we have to answer for ourselves.

Friendly Fire

Drew Karschner
October 20, 2019

Paul's first ministry was to his own people - the Jews. But this wasn’t an easy calling and it put Paul’s life at risk. As he ministered to the Jews Paul realized that this would be a battle to the very end.

The Tentmaker

Aaron Hixson
October 27, 2019

Without a doubt, Paul was the most prolific missionary in the early church. His ambition in spreading the message about Jesus is hard to even fully grasp - so what can we learn from how he did ministry? What can we apply to our lives so that we can be more effective in impacting others for Christ? In this message we'll see facts about how Paul operated and what that means for us today.

Common Ground

Drew Karschner
November 03, 2019

Paul started his ministry with the Jews, but when they treated him poorly and rejected his messages, he went to the Gentiles. Knowing the Gentiles were unfamiliar with God, he chose a different approach to reach them. We can learn from Paul’s life that approach often trumps content.

Success Can Hurt

Drew Karschner
November 10, 2019

One of the most fulfilling things a Christian can experience is gospel success. There is nothing more motivating than seeing people trust Jesus. But the truth is, gospel success can bring its challenges, and Paul found that to be true as his ministry began to gain traction.