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When a king is born, the world knows it. But when Jesus arrived on earth His birth was quiet, humble, and overlooked. Although Jesus was the King of Kings, His job wasn’t to rule but to die. He was different than any other king, and on Christmas, we celebrate that our King has come.

The king’s ultimatum

Drew Karschner
December 9, 2018

Jesus never shied away from who He was. He claimed to be the Son of God and that angered many religious people. And with His claim, He gave people a choice. It was clear and simple: believe what He said or reject it. There has never been a middle ground.

The King’s Ransom

Drew Karschner
December 16, 2018

When it comes to having a baby there are certain standards that parents must follow. It was the same for Jesus in his time. Joseph and Mary had to follow the Old Testament law when Jesus was born, and during this event in Jesus’ life, we see a clue into who Jesus really was and what he came to do.

The king’s competition

Drew Karschner
December 23, 2018

When Jesus was born He entered another King’s territory. Herod was king of that time and region and when he got word a new King was born it threatened all he had worked for. Herod hoped and worked for temporary things, but Jesus came to give us a greater hope, a hope in a life that would never fade.

The King’s Agenda

Drew Karschner
December 24, 2018

When it comes to life, we all have some sort of a plan, even if our plan involves not having a plan. The same was true for Jesus; His father had a plan for His life. The crazy thing was His plan wasn’t safety or comfort; it was to die. And the reason we celebrate Christmas is because of the plan God had for His son Jesus!