Initiative Overview


Gaining Ground is a generosity initiative that will focus on raising funds to expand Northridge’s physical space, taking our Webster campus from portable to permanent.

We are not asking you to give money to a building, rather we are inviting you to invest in the mission of making more and better followers of Jesus on the east side of our city.

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Frequently asked questions


+ Why Webster instead of Greece or Henrietta?

We’ve been looking in all our campus areas for years, and God has opened doors to an amazing facility in Webster first. Webster is our fastest-growing location. Launched in 2014 with 280 people, it is currently seeing nearly 600 weekly attendees. The Webster area is the fastest-growing area where we currently have a campus. Our Greece & Henrietta campuses have 1-year leases with Regal Theaters. Our Webster Campus has a week-to-week agreement with the school district which is far less certain and causes us to relocate 15%-20% of Sundays each year.

+ Why the $5 million Gaining Ground goal?

Here’s a breakdown on the 3 Levels of our Goal:
Breaking Ground Goal: $3 million
Allows us to purchase 780 Salt Road debt-free.

Gaining Ground Goal: $5 million
Allows us to purchase the property and complete renovations leaving only a long-term mortgage of about $2.5 million. The church has approved up to $6 million.

Ultimate Ground: $7.5 million
Allows us to purchase the property and complete renovations without a long-term mortgage.

+ What if we don't meet our goals?

Launching of future permanent facilities will be delayed as we await needed funding to support these campuses. Our goal is to be as effective as possible in reaching those who are far from God and we feel the pressure to reach as many people as possible. Time is short and each of us is on a journey toward eternity.

+ What if we raise more than the $7.5 million?

This will allow us to set aside funds to help purchase a permanent facility for the next portable campus that makes this transition.

+ Gaining Ground is our 4th giving initiative at Northridge over the past 10 years.

Northridge has grown and continues to reach many people for Christ through the sacrificial generosity of many of you over the years. Our ability to see so many lives changed for eternity is directly tied to our continued commitment to put others first - setting aside personal preferences, comforts, and desires and deciding to give sacrificially to reach people far from God. Initiatives like Gaining Ground play an important role in helping us bring the gospel to more people in our communities. However, as regular giving (tithes & offerings) grows and we are able to leverage our existing systems, staff, and resources for new campus launches, we believe our reliance on giving initiatives will decline in the future.

+ Why do we feel it's wise for Northridge to borrow funds to help with campus expansion?

We want to invest and leverage the resources God has provided to reach as many people as possible. We believe we are all racing towards eternity and there are people who need to know the incredible love of Christ and the salvation that is available through Him. A responsible use of borrowed funds allows us to launch permanent campuses more quickly. However, we also want to be prudent and be sure Northridge is financially strong. We are committed to ensuring our borrowing levels don’t grow to excessive levels that would threaten the long-term financial viability of Northridge or would hinder us from adequately funding our ministry.

When it comes to churches, anything less than two times our annual general fund budget is considered reasonable and conservative. Even if we were forced to borrow the full 6 million dollars our membership has approved for long-term debt for the 780 Salt Road property, we would still be within this conservative benchmark.

+ I already tithe to support Northridge Church. What am I being asked to do for Gaining Ground?

We are asking everyone to consider a commitment over and above your current giving for Gaining Ground. We believe that the best place for ongoing and intentional ministry should be our general fund, as this is where the vast majority of ministry takes place week after week. We humbly ask for your continued, significant participation.

+ How do I determine what my gift should be?

What you choose to contribute to Gaining Ground is a personal decision between you and God. We invite our church family to make equal sacrifice, not equal gifts. As you consider what this might look like for you, here are some practical suggestions to get started:

  • Pray asking God, “What part would you have me/us play?”
  • Recognize the eternal return on our investments as you examine your financial situation
  • Listen for God’s prompt & obey

Here are some guidelines that you might find helpful to determine your part. Consider these questions as you begin your own personal journey on this endeavor for the Great Commission.

  • Have I asked God to direct my decision?
  • Does this amount give an accurate reflection of who I am and what my resources are?
  • Is this amount truly sacrificial?
  • What will I sacrifice to give at this level?

+ What if we are just getting our family started? What if we have children in college? What if we are on a fixed income?

The answer is always the same … we are asking you to pray and go on a treasure hunt. As you ask God to lead you, be thinking “What can I do?” rather than “What can’t I do?”. Consider the following creative options:

  • Contributing tax refunds for two years
  • Delay a home improvement project
  • Cash in on stocks or part of your 401(k)
  • Make coffee at home rather than hitting the coffee shop
  • Pick up a part-time job
  • Limit spending on recreational activities (e.g. eating out, golf, movies, etc.)
  • Hold off purchasing a new car
  • Downsize a cell phone plan
  • Cancel a media subscription (cable, Netflix, etc.)
  • Stay local for a vacation

Remember, it is not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.

+ Why do we need to fill out a commitment card? Why can’t we just give? Why are names necessary on the cards?

In order to balance faith and wisdom, we need to know what people are committing to this project. We don’t want to be unwise and build something that would be financially irresponsible, and at the same time we don’t want to scale back to find out we could have built more of what we needed. The commitment cards will give us an idea of what our building plans should look like. We will have to disregard cards that are submitted without a name, as we won’t know the seriousness of the commitment. Commitment cards can be given beginning on April 14th.

+ Is there anything I can give other than money?

Yes, Jeff Mapes can be consulted to discuss unique asset donations (

+ When might the new Webster campus open?

Our goal at this point would be sometime during the spring of 2020.

+ How many seats will the new Webster auditorium have?

We are planning on the new auditorium seating 650 people.

+ What will happen to all the current portable gear used by our Webster campus?

We would plan to use some at Webster & some at new portable sites.

+ What happened to the extra money from #forROC which was earmarked for our next campus within the city limits?

We still have these dollars set aside for our next portable campus. We have held them in escrow and plan to use them when we birth that next campus.

+ When are we thinking we might open our next campus within the city limits?

We are planning on this taking place in 2020, although we don't yet have an exact timeframe. Please pray with us about staffing for this campus.

+ Is there a payment plan option for our Gaining Ground gifts?

Yes, gifts can be given at any time between 4/14/2019 and 4/15/2021.

+ Why are we rolling out Gaining Ground at this time?

God has opened doors with the property at 780 Salt Road which we feel led to walk through. We're trying to follow God's lead in this way.

+ How does Gaining Ground impact the church budget?

We have a monthly amount built into our budget which helps cover the cost of new buildings. That said, our total annual budget is $3.4 million, not nearly large enough to cover the total cost of 780 Salt Road or Gaining Ground.

+ What is the plan for the rental income which comes with the 780 Salt Road property?

There are 2 businesses currently leasing two-thirds of the 780 Salt Road building. We'd like to use the $273K annual income from these leases to help defray costs for use of our part of that building.

+ Is a church as a non-profit allowed to collect rent from their building(s)?

Yes, we can collect rent as a non-profit.

+ What if I have other questions?

Feel free to contact Scott Bixby (Executive Pastor) or Jeff Mapes (Business Manager) with more questions. They can be reached at 585-338-7810 or via email at or Also you can find more information at