The largest barrier to adoption is usually the financial one. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars in fees, medical expenses, and overhead costs. To help make adoption a more accessible option for members, Northridge Church has established a fund through the non-profit organization ABBA Fund to provide grants and interest-free loans to qualifying families. ABBA Fund can also help you set up a family adoption fund to invite your friends and family members to contribute to your adoption process. You can apply for all of that through a single application (and you can read more here about the family adoption fund and the interest-free loans).

On the application under the "Church Information" section, please mark "Yes" to the question "Does your church have an adoption assistance program with ABBA Fund?" and write "Northridge Adoption Fund" as the name of that fund. 

If you would like to donate to the fund to support adoptive families from Northridge, you can do that with a check made payable to ABBA Fund by including a memo or notation indicating Northridge Church and sending to: ABBA Fund, PO Box 868049, Plano, TX 75086. Donations can also be made online. Donors will choose the Church Loan Fund in the “Choose Your Designation” area of the form and then they must specify Northridge Church in the “notes” box in order for us to code correctly for you.