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When it comes to the church we all have questions or concerns. We may wonder “Why do they do that?” or “Could they do it this way?” And that’s OK! We want to answer your questions and that’s what this series is all about.  

mission criticaL

Drew Karschner
January 6, 2019

Every church has a mission, but do people know it and understand it? As we zoom into our mission of making more and better disciples, we will not only answer the question “Why?”, but dig deep into it. 

Trust the Process

Drew Karschner
January 13, 2019

Discipleship doesn’t just happen, it takes discipline and hard work. As a church, we aim to help grow and connect people through a process. But every process comes with questions, and we want to answer those for you.

Approach Trumps Content

Drew Karschner
January 20, 2019

Each local church has its own unique way of doing things. Location, beliefs, culture, and values are all contributing factors to the small and big things that make them who they are. This week we will answer the question of why we as Northridge approach church the way we do.