We are so glad you are interested in church membership. This page is designed to help you as explore Northridge and pursue membership.

Two Requirements Before Beginning Membership Process:

1) Have faithfully attended a Sunday morning worship service for six months or longer

2) Have attended a Community Group at least 10 times.

If you are interested in beginning the membership process, you can do so by completing this form. Someone will follow-up with you to help you navigate the process.

Three Steps to Church Membership Process:

Step 1: Watch Videos

Please watch the following 7 videos and complete the 3 response forms.

You may pick up a copy of notes for our Exploring Northridge class from the Information Center or download a copy below to print out and follow along during the videos.

Notes: Exploring Northridge Notes (also available at the info center)

Video #1 - (12:44)


Step 2: Attend Exploring Northridge Class

After you complete step one, sign up for the Exploring Northridge class by sending an e-mail to your campus:

o    Greece Campus GREMembership@NorthridgeRochester.com

o    Irondequoit Campus IROMembership@NorthridgeRochester.com

o    Webster Campus NMiller@NorthridgeRochester.com

You may fill out a membership application before or after attending the class.


Step 3: Membership Interview

The last step toward membership is to meet with two other Northridge members to get to know you, answer any questions you have, and review your membership application. Email your campus to set up a time for your interview.

After this process is complete our membership team will have your membership approved by our Oversight Team and notify your Community Group leaders to celebrate with you.

We look forward to get to know you as we pursue our mission of making More and Better followers of Jesus.