We are so glad you are interested in membership at Northridge. Membership is a great way to say you're a committed part of Northridge and all that God is doing here. If you have faithfully attended a Sunday morning worship service for six months or longer and have attended a community group at least 10 times, you are ready to pursue this next step of membership.

3-2-1 Church Membership Process

- Watch 3 Videos
- Complete 2 Response Forms
- Attend 1 Membership Class and Interview

Click Here for Class and Video notes

Video #1: Class Overview & Why Membership?

Video #2: Salvation and Baptism

Salvation and Baptism Response Form

Video #3: Core Theological Truths & Distinctive Beliefs

Doctrinal Agreement Response Form

After watching the videos and completing the response forms, your next step is to attend the next membership class on March 5. You can email your campus for more details and to set up your interview after the class:

Greece Campus: MNelson@NorthridgeRochester.com
Irondequoit Campus: NLogan@NorthridgeRochester.com
Webster Campus:  NMiller@NorthridgeRochester.com