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It's Not You, It's Me
All relationships are difficult and it gets even more challenging when it comes to intimate relationships. The problem is that we have believed our culture’s lies about relationships. In this series we aim to set the record straight and break some cultural myths about relationships. 

In our culture today there are so many different views and opinions on who God is. It was the same for the church in Colossae, so Paul wrote them a letter. He wanted to help them to fully understand who God is and why He is worth following.

Those People
What do you do when you have to deal with "Those People"? We all have difficult people in our lives; Critical people, needy people, hypocritical people and manipulative people. This series will help us learn how live with, and show love to, "Those People".

Faith Works
Our culture is making it harder to live out your faith than ever before. So, as Christians, how do we put our faith into action? The book of James speaks directly to Christians on how we can see our faith work in all circumstances.

The Feelings of a Fixer
As a mom, teaching and training your kids can be a heavy responsibility. Most moms deal with feelings of falling short and not measuring up. So how does she handle the exhaustion, constant worrying, and feeling guilty that she’s not doing enough?

I Can't Believe in a God who...
In our culture, people are asking hard questions about the way in which God works. This series will provide answers to some of the questions that keep people from faith in God.

God has placed us in certain places for a reason. We are missionaries to our neighbors, coworkers, friends, and families. Rochester is our city, and we want to be a church that is passionate about bringing the gospel here no matter what it takes.

Sticky Faith
Recent statistics reveal that Christianity is in decline and that many are choosing to walk away from their faith. However, as this is happening, many others are choosing to remain faithful to their Christian beliefs. Discover why this phenomenon is nothing new, and what it takes for faith to stick for life.

Ugly, Messy, Dirty Love
Love is one of the most common topics in our world. Love is often pictured as beautiful and glamorous. Unfortunately most of us don’t experience that kind of love. Join us as we discover what real love is through the ugliest, nastiest love story ever told.

Test Drive
It can be scary to try something new. The easiest response is to just stick with what we already know. But that leaves us with that nagging question… WHAT IF? Stop imagining what could have been, figure out what’s next for your faith, and take it for a test drive!

Christmas at Northridge
Christmas is about exchanging gifts with family and friends. It's a time to give to those we love. On the very first Christmas, God set the standard for the perfect gift exchange when Jesus exchanged heaven for a cross to give us a fresh start.

Before Christmas
We all celebrate this time of year. Yet I wonder if we fully understand why Christmas exists. In this series we will discover the prequel to a holiday that we all know so well. What events led to the start of Christmas.

Transfer of Power
People can be obsessed with things - so obsessed, that their entire lives become based around whatever person, activity or team has their attention. Their obsession could be described as - well - worship. But what if we are all worshiping something, and that something is controlling our decisions? In this talk we'll sort out what's leading our worship, and how to make sure that is God (and nothing else).

Ferocious Faith
Faith is a word we hear a lot in church, but yet I wonder if we fully understand what “faith” is capable of. Our faith often comes along with doubts and fears, yet faith was designed to give us power and confidence. In this series we will find out how to tap into the kind of faith that will help us overcome the limitations that we might have and the resistance we might face.

Life is full of highs and lows, twists and turns. You never know what's coming next. In Genesis, we see that the same was true in Joseph's life. In this series we will encounter Joseph experiencing some of the many seasons that we face and learn how we can best handle them.

Trouble with the Curve
Have you ever been surprised by life? Maybe events or circumstances came that you never really expected or planned for. Life has a unique way of throwing curves in our paths! But the question is, how do we react when life gets chaotic? In Exodus Israel dealt with this same question. Find out how we can learn to trust God through the painful, ugly, scary surprises of life!