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Getting the Big Picture

Today we begin a five-week series about Killing Jesus: the True Story. People are typically familiar with the Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday) and familiar with his death and resurrection. But the events that happened in between those two are mostly cloudy in people's minds. This first sermon will give an overview of what happened in the last week of the life of Jesus as we consider the implications of what He did, why they wanted to kill him, and how they accomplished it.

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Sun, Apr 20, 2014
David Whiting

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About this Series
Killing Jesus: The True Story
"Killing Jesus: The True Story " is a message series filmed on location in Jerusalem. We know that Jesus died, but the details are often unknown. This series will consider why His enemies wanted Him dead, the conspiracy, arrest, trials, and crucifixion of Jesus. The goal is that we will see the death of Jesus in a fresh way that helps us see the beauty and ugliness of His death.

Sermons from This Series
04/20/14 Getting the Big Picture