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At Northridge we believe that it is crucial for every one to grow in knowledge of God. This knowledge should be experienced in our hearts and minds resulting in a greater love for God and others. In order to help each of us grow in knowledge of God intellectually, spiritually, and practically, we offer classes at Northridge to help Equip you. To sign-up call: 585.338.7810
March & April 2014 Class*

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Description: "Is God a Calvinist?" Great question! Join us for three Wednesday nights in March as our lead pastor, David Whiting, addresses the answer to this question. Whether you are new to following Christ and don't know anything about John Calvin, or you have been been following Christ for many years and have thoroughly studied Calvinism, this class will challenge and help you better understand what the Bible teaches on key aspects of the faith.
Previous Classes
December 2013
Focus Group: Any single adult 18 years old or older (male or female, never married or already married and now divorced, desiring marriage or not desiring marriage). If you want to be challenged and encouraged to think through how to please God practically in being single, join us for this time of teaching and interaction.

Description: “So I am Single...” How does your marital status affect you? How should it? What is God’s plan for you in being single right now? Come give your input "What are a few things single people wish married people knew about being single? How can Northridge better serve those of us who are single?"

Fall 2013 (Sept, Oct, Nov)
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Do you know what the absolute number one most important element of spiritual growth is for every Christ-follower? Personal daily time studying and reflecting on God's word. Learning how to prepare, consume, and put to use the spiritual food of God's word is critical growth in Christ. If you want to learn how to study and apply God's word on your own, or want to improve this skill, this class is for you.

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Spring 2013 (April, May, June)
You ever struggle as a Christ-follower to connect with those far from God? This series on Sharing Your Faith will provide you with practical teaching and relevant resources to help you grow in this area.

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Winter 2013 (Jan, Feb, Mar)
Sex is usually the first topic most men think of. Trust and companionship (maybe long talks) is on the agenda for women. All have their proper place in marriage, however when selfishness rules hearts and the purpose of marriage is abused...Both individuals suffer. Can God actually make a difference in your marriage? Is there more to marriage? Absolutely! Join us as we study, discuss, and apply God's word to life and marriage.

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Fall 2012 (Oct, Nov, Dec)
This class is based on the book Knowing God by J.I. Packer. It will help those looking for guidance on how to grow a deeper relationship with God.

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Spring 2011 - Spring 2012
Topics in this class include:
  • How to use the Bible to help people solve problems.
  • How to lovingly confront people and speak the truth in love to them.
  • More than anything, the class will probably help you solve your own sin problems.
  • Teaching you how God's Word is truly sufficient for all answers about life.
  • Comparing/contrasting secular psychology and counseling with biblical counseling.
  • Studying specific issues that most commonly arise in people's lives.
  • How to think through a problem to help people get to the root of the issue, supply hope, and provide biblical solutions.