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How much do you know about the missionaries and missions projects supported by Northridge Church? Get to know them here on the missions page.

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Bible International

Through the relationship Northridge has with Bibles International, we are investing in a project to provide a clear, reliable, and natural translation of the Gospels for a people group that is without a good translation. Using nationals to help their linguistic teams, BI is translating the scriptures for the Akha, a people group in the Asian Pacific region. The fact that there are already churches and church associations working in this area means there is a Christian base to assist in reaching and teaching the Akha after they have the Bible in their mother tongue.

The Blackwells

Cape Town, South Africa is home to one of our home grown missionaries. Marc and Nancy Blackwell are currently serving in Cape Town and are involved in both church planting and in Church Ministries Institute which is a Bible college that awards a BTH degree. Nancy grew up attending North Baptist Church and spent 2-½ years in The Gambia, West Africa, as a young adult. Marc’s growing up years were spent on the mission field in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Some other things to know include:

  • The Blackwells have been in South Africa since 1996.
  • Marc and Nancy are currently involved in the development of a camp ministry.
  • Every salvation decision brings great joy to their hearts as does seeing young believers take steps of maturity in their decisions at home and at work.
  • The stunning vistas of mountains and sea in Cape Town are the best part of living where they live.
  • Nancy enjoys her weekly meetings with the ladies group as they study God’s Word and look for ways to serve and help in the lives of others around them.
  • Marc utilizes twice monthly Saturday training sessions to teach the men of their body how to serve and lead in the church.

The Clarks

Two more of our homegrown Northridge missionaries are Cal and Carol Clark. Brazil has been home to the Clarks since 1987 when they first went to Sao Paulo. A year later they moved to Campinas and set up housekeeping. Throughout the following years they began a church planting ministry that grew one believer/one family at a time. As New Covenant Church began to grow, Cal and Carol began the task of developing leaders among their congregation, and ultimately, the church graduated, no longer needing a missionary church planter. In 2004, the Clarks moved to Porto Alegre and began to work with a team there. Their ministry expanded into other areas as they also set up and developed a language/cultural orientation school for incoming new missionaries.

In time, ABWE realized that Cal and Carol’s skills and experience could benefit missionaries all over Brazil. As a result, they recruited Cal to serve as cheerleader, prayer supporter, problem solver, and facilitator and sent him on a mission traveling around Brazil to regularly visit and help each of the ABWE missionaries serving there. Not only is he involved in people care, he also will have a hand in building a vision for the country as they endeavor to respond to the deep spiritual needs of the people there, be it those living in urban settings or the unreached people groups in the Amazon region.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Tommy Davis

Chaplain Tommy Davis

Chaplain Tommy Davis was arrested in 1989 at the age of 16 after arriving in Rochester from North Carolina a year earlier. He was led to faith in Christ by a jail chaplain. Tommy grew in his faith while incarcerated. Chaplain Davis was released and was granted by the State of New York a certificate of relief recognizing his rehabilitation.

Chaplain Davis went on to earn his B.A. degree in Theology from Apex School of Theology in Durham, North Carolina and a Master's Degree in Ministry from Temple Baptist Seminary on the campus of Tennessee Temple University. He was granted an honorary Doctorate in Chaplaincy Studies from Chaplain Bible Institute in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Prior to joining Good News Jail & Prison Ministry as a full time chaplain in May 2010, Chaplain Davis served for five years as a crisis chaplain and team supervisor operating in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Marshal’s Service, at homicide scenes. He has served as a New York division chief chaplain overseeing clergy throughout the state of New York with Chaplain Fellowship Ministries International since 2006. He also served as an assistant pastor in Rochester, New York, a sanitation supervisor for a local beef company, and volunteered in the Monroe County Jail.

Tommy and his wife, Raymona, were married in August of 2001. They currently live in Rochester with their three children and attend First Bible Baptist Church in Greece, NY.

Ron Morse

Chaplain Ron Morse

Ron Morse was raised in Central New York and moved with his family to Rochester in 1970. In 1971, Ron joined the Army and served for nearly twenty years active and Reserve. Ron is a graduate of Louisiana Baptist University, in Shreveport, Louisiana. In 1995, Ron was ordained into the ministry at Victory Baptist Church in Rochester, and planted a church in the inner city.

Ron has pastored Victory in the City Baptist Church since 1995. He, along with another local pastor, opened an after care ministry called the His Way House in 2003. The His Way House is a transitional ministry for recently released inmates from local county jails, and New York State Prisons. He has administrated the house since 2003. He was instrumental in the formation and opening of a crisis pregnancy center in Rochester called Embracing Options, which opened in 2006. Ron has served with Good News as a volunteer for over ten years, has been an active member of the President’s Council, and has served as the Chairman for two years before coming on as a Chaplain.

Ron has authored a book for Christian counselors on how to understand and minister to addictive behavior, called “More Than Sin.” The book is an expanded version of the CLEAN Addiction Recovery Ministry that he wrote to counsel inmates suffering from addiction. The CLEAN ministry is currently running in 23 churches and 16 jails in New York, and is also in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and Texas. Ron lives in the Rochester area with his daughters.

The Hallocks

Serving with Cru, Sasha and Sarah Hallock join us as Northridge ministry partners. Believing that students reached during their college experience will go on to lead and influence others for Christ for a lifetime, the Hallocks share the gospel in a variety of ways. Using conversations, outreach events, and media, they and the students involved in Cru actively share about Jesus. Growth through Bible studies, conferences, mentoring, and involvement in local churches promote changed lives. Ultimately, the Hallocks seek to lead the Cru college ministry in winning (evangelism), building (discipling), and sending (becoming lifelong laborers for Christ).

The Houghs

Working as a doctor in a hospital in the developing world was a long held dream of David Hough, and in the fall of 2012, it became a reality. David and Hannah Hough and their two children moved to Nepal where he began working with the ill at Tansen Mission Hospital through his alliance with Samaritan's Purse Ministries. Working in the best hospital in Nepal has brought many people to their doors seeking medical attention, but because medical care is often sought as a last resort, the work is difficult. Hannah, a lawyer, went to Nepal with her own heart's desire to aid women caught in the mire of human trafficking. Using her training, she has begun writing proposals and doing research for Tiny Hands, a Christian organization working against human trafficking.

The Klumpps
Phil and Barb Klumpp went to the Philippines in 1978 with ABWE. Two churches, Grace Baptist Church in Baybay, Leyte, and Grace Baptist Church in Cebu City, Philippines, were planted. What a joy to know those two churches continue to prosper and grow under national leadership today! Currently, the Klumpps are teaching full time at Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary, Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philippines. This school of around 110 students is located in an area surrounded by tribal peoples. Their burden is to see more students challenged for missions to these groups. The school (undergraduate level) trains both pastors and Bible women, mostly from the Cebuano language group. Phil and Barb also have ministry in the local churches in the area on weekends, as well as try to be an encouragement to
the churches they have planted. During the Philippine summer (April and May) they return to the states to report to churches and continue their ministry to Filipinos in PA.

Deanna Kustus

Deanna Kustas is a Northridge Church ministry partner. Working on Rochester’s college campuses, she is on staff with Cru and actively pursues the mission to share the gospel of Jesus with students as well as to help them understand how to live for Him. While actively creating an environment where love is experienced, Deanna seeks to help change lives through a faith that is lived out in word and deed. Cru offers the students training, as well, as they learn to live their lives to the glory of God with the ultimate goal of changing the world one soul at a time.

The Landolls

If you picture in your mind Michael and Liselotte Landoll drinking a cup of great German coffee as they take a break from their busy schedule, you will see them experiencing part of what they love about ministering in Germany.

As a team, Michael and Li work together in the church planting ministry. They and their coworkers encourage and coach each other throughout the process. Significant parts of the ministry encompass pastoring, preaching and teaching, evangelizing, and counseling; and of course the administrative work that always is a part of any church ministry.

The Landolls have been on the field since 1985 and have always served in Germany. Seeing the establishment and growth of the church in Kusel has been the source of their greatest joy. The best part of living in Germany is that they are living and ministering in their own cultural context. And yes, the coffee is one of the best parts, too.

Presently they are in the process of beginning the construction of a multi-purpose building in Kusel that will facilitate outreach programs of the church in Kusel, as well as being a training center for church planters in the region. While they are continuing with their regular mission efforts, they are excitedly moving ahead with the expansion and the workers are impatiently awaiting the actual construction process.

Michael and Li ask for your continued prayer and support as they take on the new challenge and expand on the potential to reach out to the unsaved, as well as minister to the brothers and sisters in Christ in the greater Kusel area of Germany.

Lexi Nesbitt

Lexi Nesbitt, part of Campus Ambassadors Christian community, is one of Northridge Church’s ministry partners as she serves in Rochester. Campus Ambassadors are a campus centered organization that meets where students live and study. Working in partnership with local churches, they use student-led peer ministries to create communities through which students are transformed by the power of Jesus. Utilizing the training they receive, the students learn to become servant-leaders in the quest to share Christ and His Kingdom. Much of Lexi’s focus is on the active CA groups that meet on the MCC and Brockport campuses.

The Schaechingers

In 1997, Ralf and Lena Schaechinger became missionaries in Germany. Their field responsibilities include preaching and teaching, discipleship, counseling, and running an outreach youth ministry. Germany is Ralf and Lena’s first full-time field and they have several things that they enjoy about it.

  • Their greatest ministry joy is reading the Bible with the unreached youth. They enjoy spending time with them and showing them God’s love.
  • The best part about living in Germany is that they are constantly reminded of the lostness of the human being and why they are doing what they are doing. The Lord surely helps them to keep their focus and ministry purpose as a result.
  • An important part of their current ministry deals with outreach. Utilizing unique opportunities like the World Cup, the doors of the church were open for visitors to come and watch the soccer games that were being broadcast. In addition, programming from the only German Bible-TV channel was also featured, including testimonies from Christian soccer players.