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At Northridge Church, Children’s Ministry = Family Ministry. From birth through 5th grade, it is our desire to involve you –- parents—in every step of your child’s spiritual growth, learning, and development. Parents, not the church, have the greatest potential to influence the spiritual development of their kids.

In a calendar year, the average kid will spend about 100 hours in church. You, as a parent, have 3000 hours with your kids! Our children’s environments are designed to partner with you as parents to help each child discover and embrace a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

What to Expect on Your First Visit
At Northridge Church, we use Fellowship One software to check kids into their appropriate environments and to match them up with their parents upon check-out. It takes about 5 minutes to register new families into the system. For your convenience, we recommend that you arrive about 10 minutes early on your first visit to allow for Fellowship One registration and to check in your kids. Thank you!

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Birth – Age 2

Our nurseries provide a nurturing environment filled with age-appropriate toys, and a well-trained, screened, staff of volunteers to ensure that your little ones are loved and kept safe while you attend worship services.

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Ages 2-3

Hot Spot is an interactive learning environment where we learn about our Heavenly Father through song, Bible stories, puppets, activities, and games. We aim to help every child learn that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

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Age 4 thru Grade 5

The large group environment in HighPoint includes engaging worship and Bible storytellers. Small groups provide an opportunity for kids to dig deeper with a trusted adult leader into what it means to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We want this hour to be the high point of a kid’s week! Before a child leaves elementary school, we want them to know and understand the following 3 basic truths:
  1. I can trust God no matter what.
  2. I need to make the wise choice.
  3. I need to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Sunday mornings during adult worship services.

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